Ultimate Performance Pack

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Ultimate Performance Pack contains:

  • 1 x Max Out Enhancement Serum
  • 1 x Bathmate Control
  • 1 x Bathmate Clean
  • 1 x Pleasure Lube

Max Out Enhancement Serum

The world’s first serum designed to enhance jelqing results, Bathmate Max Out uses all-natural ingredients, like all of our Better Sex supplements, and works perfectly in conjunction with our range of hydropumps to truly maximise gains.

Every bottle of our Max Out Jelqing Enhancement Serum comes with a full set of instructions on how to most effectively jelq, but the exercise is essentially carried out by squeezing the semi-erect penis with the hand in an O-shape, and stroking up the shaft to just before the corona. Jelqing should never be carried out when fully erect, when performed correctly, is widely reported to build real results..

There’s a few key ingredients that make our jelqing serum uniquely successful:

Collagen: Adding a new level of elasticity to the skin, while helping to restore and replace dead skin cells, collagen helps make the penis more susceptive to the jelqing exercise.

Butea Superba: Traditionally considered an aphrodisiac, Butea Superba may not necessarily get you in the mood, but as a proven natural PDE-5 inhibitor, it does reverse damage to the penis’ tissues, enhancing erection quality.

Ginseng: Another traditional aphrodisiac, we use Ginseng in our Max Out Serum to help alleviate tiredness, a key factor in maximising erection size and quality, as well as for its potential to improve overall endurance.

Caffeine: Used to help maximise absorption of the Jelqing Serum into the skin, caffeine also has a range of positive effects (ask any coffee fan), helping to reduce tiredness, improve blood flow and enhance athletic performance.

Bathmate Control

Using natural, safe ingredients, our Bathmate Control prolong your pleasure lube is easy to use, and delivers real results. Once rubbed in, the formula takes full effect after about 40 minutes, and remains fully active for several hours, helping users really have the best possible sex, taking complete control over performance.

Along with all of our supplements, Bathmate Control is completely clinically and dermatologically tested, and exclusively uses high-quality, completely safe ingredients. While the effects of some of our ingredients are a trade secret, we’ve picked out some key ones below:

Ginkgo Biloba: Improving overall blood circulation, Ginkgo Biloba makes it easier for the user to maintain a strong, long-lasting erection (particularly in combination with our Bathmate penis pumps), a key part of improving sexual lasting power.

Siberian Ginseng: Traditionally considered an aphrodisiac, Ginseng cuts down tiredness, while potentially improving endurance - both key parts of improving sexual performance, maximising erectile strength.

Tribulus Terrestris: Often believed to enhance testosterone, Tribulus Terrestris is far more useful for its study-tested ability to boost the libido, enhancing overall sexual appetite and performance.

Bathmate Control is:

  • Completely safe to use with sensitive skin/ mucous membranes.
  • Alcohol and Perfume free.
  • Parabens free.
  • 100% Biodegradable.

Bathmate Clean

Keeping your sex toys clean and hygienic is important, so we designed Bathmate Clean as an effective sex toy cleaner. A powerful antibacterial misting formula designed for safe use with silicone and rubber, Bathmate Clean lets you keep all your toys in perfect condition.

A completely safe to use formula, Bathmate Clean is free from parabens, and includes a subtle lemon scent. Coming in a useful spray bottle, Bathmate Clean is a fantastic choice for sex toy hygiene.

Designed for simple use, Bathmate Clean should be sprayed directly onto the surface of the sex toy being cleaned - rub the cleaner in, then wipe with a damp cloth or water and dry.

Pleasure Lube

Bathmate Pleasure Lube is an effective, water-based personal lubricant designed for perfect penile and vaginal compatibility (and safe to use anally).

As a natural enhancer for all sexual activity, Bathmate Pleasure Lube supplements natural lubrication, helping you have the very best sex possible. Like all of our products, our lube has been fully tested for safe, effective performance.

When you shop with Bathmate, you can be sure of safety and excellent performance, with all of our products having been fully tested and certified as clinically safe for use on skin and intimate areas.

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Josue E.Q.

Ultimate Performance Pack

Ortenberg A. (Israel)

Ultimate Performance Pack

MYKOLA S. (Canada)
Nice pump



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