Measure Gauge

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Whether you’re looking to find the perfect choice of penis pump for your size, want to track any changes, or are just curious about your actual size, it’s important to have an accurate way to measure your penis - that’s what the Bathmate Measurement Gauge is designed for.

With rulers and measuring tapes creating a few problems as far as accurate measurement goes, this was the first accurate product designed to measure penis length and girth. A skin-safe, easy to use product, the Bathmate Measurement Gauge provides sizes in both inches and centimetres for totally accurate size reporting.

To measure your length, just place the gauge on the top of your penis, pressing lightly into the pubic bone and measure to the tip. You can then wrap the gauge around the middle of your penis for an accurate girth measurement. Head over to our penis size guide for a more in-depth look (and a way to find the perfect penis pump).



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