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Looking to make your hydropump routine even more productive? Our brand-new HydroVibe is the perfect addition to your pump workout, adding new sensations and even better results by combining vibration therapy with the water-based power of our pumps.

Attached around the bellows of any of our Hydromax penis pumps, the HydroVibe includes two powerful, detachable completely rechargeable bullet vibrators placed on each side of the pump. When you start out your routine, just turn these on, and you’ll start to experience ultra-powerful vibration. This results in an even better level of gains from your workout!

The HydroVibe itself is made of body-friendly silicone, while the two vibrators (available separately as the Bathmate VIBE Bullet) are completely IPX7 waterproof, and each offer 10 vibration patterns. With each unit adjustable separately, there’s an incredible 100 different options for the HydroVibe - find a pattern that really works for you.

Along with the performance increases that the HydroVibe enables, there’s a few other key benefits. The vibration created by HydroVibe results in muscle relaxation, the release of natural hormones and chemicals like serotonin, dopamine & encephalin, and helps make you less tired and more relaxed.


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Customer (United States)
Very satisfied

If you want to take your pumping experience to a new level, I highly recommend adding the hydrovibe. The increased blood flow is huge. The feeling is overwhelming and you can add more pressure for increased growth.

I was skeptical of adding it, but wanted to increase the comfort, and increase growth. I use the hydromax extreme 9 pump and the combination has produced expansion like never before.

Randy J. (United States)
A far better experience!

The Hydromax is a great help in restoring blood flow to the penis. Adding the massage therapy of the HydroVibe really gets thing pumping down there. I was born with exstrophy of the bladder in witch my bladder was outside my body and turned inside out at birth. At four months age, I had major sugary to correct this including using a vein removed from my ankle to be used as my urethra. This gives me a scar from where I should have a belly button down and out to the head of my penis. The scarring has always given me issues with blood flow in the penis. With Hydromax and HydroVibe, I get more plumpness and a feeling back from my youth. I feel these products are a great assistance for increasing health and restored functionality in the penis. Thank you for making a big difference in my life.

darren s. (United States)



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